Watering the Banana Tree Properly: A Little Guide

Watering the Banana Tree Properly: A Little Guide

Focus on water:

  • Avoid waterlogging in any case
  • Use of lime-free water (favorable: rainwater)
  • tempered irrigation water (not too cold)

When watering, it is not just the dummy trunk that needs to be moistened. Rather, the entire area covered by the leaves must be abundantly watered. The water must penetrate into the deeper layers. This rule of thumb applies to bananas in the garden as well as in the room.

When temperatures rise or fall

In any case, the soil must never dry out completely during the growing season. In particularly hot periods during midsummer it is good for the banana plant if it is thoroughly watered two to three times a week.

In contrast, the hobby gardener has to water less in winter. It is sufficient if the soil remains slightly moist.

Tips & Tricks

Since the banana tree needs plenty of water, it literally pays off to collect plenty of rainwater. The quality of this natural wonder also has a very positive effect on holistic growth.