Can you dry gypsophila?

Can you dry gypsophila?

How to properly dry gypsophila

The best time to cut gypsophila to dry is around noon, around 11:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. The plants should be dried from the dew and the flowers should be straight open. If you need large quantities of dried gypsophila, then cut back several plants completely for the first flowering. These plants will sprout and bloom again.

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Leave the stems as long as possible for the time being, you can shorten them later. Remove the lower leaves, this will shorten the drying time. Find an airy but shady place. There you hang the gypsophila in small bunches with the flowers facing down. The thicker the bouquets, the longer the drying time and the higher the risk of mold forming.

So that the gypsophila dries quickly, the humidity in the drying area should be as low as possible. Only leave the gypsophila hung there until it is really dry. Then it is best to store it at normal room temperature. If it is left hanging too long, it will be too dry and brittle. This herb is no longer easy to use.

What is dried gypsophila suitable for?

With the well-dried gypsophila (Latin: Gypsophila paniculata) you can make wonderful dry bouquets. It looks particularly decorative in combination with dried hydrangeas or roses. You can also use the dried gypsophila for fresh bouquets. Table decorations and bridal bouquets are often made with gypsophila.

The essentials in brief:

  • Hang gypsophila with the flowers facing down to dry
  • Cut plants to dry at lunchtime
  • dry in small bundles
  • Drying place airy and shady
  • after drying, store at room temperature

Tips & Tricks

Gypsophila hardly changes during the drying process. So you can use it not only for dry bouquets but also in fresh bouquets.

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