Frankincense plants are not hardy

Frankincense plants are not hardy

Frankincense plants come from India and are not hardy

The frankincense plant, not to be confused with the frankincense tree, comes from India. There it is never exposed to sub-zero temperatures. It is absolutely not hardy and dies at temperatures around zero degrees.

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If you grow frankincense plants on the balcony, you have to overwinter them frost-free, because the delicate ornamental plant cannot be made winter-proof. Since overwintering is not entirely unproblematic, the frankincense plant is often only cared for one year and disposed of in autumn.

Here's how to prepare the frankincense plant for winter

  • Cut shoots that are too long
  • Look for a bright, frost-free room
  • Give the plant away in October at the latest
  • Water moderately in winter
  • do not fertilize
  • fetch from the winter quarters from March

Since the frankincense plant cannot be winterized, it is always overwintered indoors. Keep in mind that the leaves give off a very intense odor that is not for everyone. In this case, look for a frost-free garage or a basement room with temperatures of at least ten degrees.

Water the frankincense plants very sparsely in the winter quarters. The root ball should not dry out completely.

The not hardy frankincense plant is not fertilized at all from September to March.

Continue to care for the frankincense plant after the winter break

From March onwards, you will slowly get used to the frankincense plant again to warmer temperatures and more light. Carefully increase the watering quantities.

Spring is the best time to repot the frankincense plant. Replace the substrate from the balcony box as best you can. Put traffic light plants in new soil.

Do not put the frankincense plant outside right after winter. At first it should only be brought outside by the hour. Keep in mind that the nights can still be frosty until May.


For the non-poisonous frankincense plant to grow at all, the ambient temperature must be at least 18 degrees. If it is cooler, the plant will stagnate.