Which stones for the stone bed?

Which stones for the stone bed?

Not all stones are the same

In general, three different stone categories can be used for the stone bed:

  • Split, (44.95 € at Amazon *)
  • gravel
  • or gravel.

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How do the three differ? Gravel differs from chippings and crushed stone in that it is rounded, i.e. has no natural edges or corners. This has both a visual and practical effect: you need more gravel than gravel or crushed stone to cover an area. In addition, weeds tend to grow between gravel rather than gravel or gravel, as the stones leave more space.

Gravel and gravel are basically the same: They consist of natural, not rounded rubble or rock. Gravel is usually larger than gravel.

The rock types for the stone bed

Often stone beds are laid out with white gravel or crushed stone, it looks noble and shines in the sun. If you prefer it colorful, you can also choose stones of different colors or combine different colors. Artificial stones are available in all imaginable colors. But natural shades look more harmonious. Common types of rock and their colors:

graniteGray, gray-white mottled, gray-black mottled, red, green-gray
limestoneOrange, cream-colored, yellowish, gray-white, black
marbleWhite, white-pink, white-gray, white-red
Mine chippingsRed, brownish
Sandstone (e.g. greywacke)Gray, green, yellow, reddish, cream-colored
slateViolet, gray, terracotta, green, black


Another alternative is to use broken glass in your rock garden. Chippings made of glass are slightly transparent and available in many different colors.

How many stones do I need?

How many stones you need for your stone bed depends first and foremost on the size of the stone bed, but also on the grain size of the stones. For a 10sqm stone bed you need:

  • 0.88cbm gravel if the grain size is 16 to 32mm
  • 1.10cbm gravel with a grain size of 20 to 40mm
  • 1.54cbm gravel, if the grain size is 32 to 56mm
  • or 1.65cbm gravel with a grain size of 30 to 60mm.

An online calculator for the amount of stones required for your stone bed can be found on the website of the Ruhr Natural Stone Park.

How much do stones cost for a stone bed

Stone namecolourGritcosts
Basalt chippingsGray2 - 5mm€ 0.22 / kg
Granite chippingsGray16 - 32 mm€ 0.23 / kg
Grauwackes gritBrown beige16 - 32mm€ 0.40 / kg
Mine chippingsBrownish, colorful16-25 mm€ 0.36 / kg
Marble gravelWhite15 - 25mm€ 0.31 / kg
Marble chippingsred16 - 25mm€ 0.36 / kg
Quartz gravelWhite, beige, brownish20 to 40mm€ 0.24 / kg
Rhine gravelGray-beige20 to 40mm€ 0.22 / kg
Slate chipsviolet15-30mm€ 0.47 / kg

Status: August 2018