Juice the plums

Juice the plums

Juice the plums

Only use fresh plums for juicing. The best thing to do is to pick your fruit and juice it right away. When buying in the supermarket, make sure that the plums are still firm. Overripe, already mushy products hardly contain any juice.

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There are various options for making plum juice:

  • Juicing in a steam extractor
  • Juicing with a juicer

The use of a centrifugal juicer is not recommended for soft fruits. In addition, this way a lot of oxygen gets into the juice and a large part of the nutrients is lost.

The steam extraction of plums

First the steam juicer is prepared and water is poured into the lower container. Use the operating instructions as a guide. The upper fruit basket is available for the fruit.

  1. Wash and stone the plums.
  2. Sugar the fruits if they are too sour.
  3. Put the plums in the fruit basket, close the juicer and bring the whole thing to a boil on the stove.
  4. As soon as juice collects in the drain tube, after about 30 to 70 minutes, the juice can be filled into sterilized bottles.

Juicing in the juicer or the slow juicer

The slow juicer works with a low number of revolutions, i.e. the screw press turns relatively slowly. The juice pressed so gently therefore still contains all of its nutrients. In addition, this way little oxygen gets into the juice and it does not oxidize as quickly. If you want to keep the juice pressed in the slow juicer for a longer period of time, you have to boil the juice again and then also fill it into sterile bottles.

Before you start juicing, wash and stone the plums. Depending on the device, it may be necessary to chop the fruit as well. Drink the juice as fresh as possible.

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