Can I grow a ginkgo from a cutting?

Can I grow a ginkgo from a cutting?

Even under the best conditions, only about a third of the cuttings taken root. So the success rate is quite low. But don't let that put you off. This type of propagation is definitely worth a try and it is much faster than sowing, as the ginkgo has a long germination time and only grows slowly.

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Where can I get suitable cuttings from?

It's best to cut your cuttings from a healthy and well-grown ginkgo. Take shoots that are just beginning to lignify, so they are no longer very soft but are not really hard either. Soft, too young shoots rot easily while hard woody cuttings take root very poorly. The chance of finding suitable shoots is greatest in June or July.

Cultivation in brief:

  • It is best to cut cuttings shortly before lignification
  • approx. 20 to 30 cm long
  • just under a knot
  • Cut off the soft shoot tip
  • remove lower leaves
  • Dip the shoot in rooting powder
  • Put in a moist growing medium (9.05 € at Amazon *)
  • place warm and light
  • keep constantly moist

How do I care for a small ginkgo?

Before your cutting becomes a little ginkgo, it needs some care and attention. With rooting powder, you can make it a little easier for him to form strong roots. Nevertheless, it absolutely needs light, warmth and constant moisture in order to thrive.

However, your cutting must not be exposed to the blazing sun as it could burn. If the first new leaves are growing on your ginkgo, you can assume that the rooting has been successful. In the first winter the ginkgo is not yet hardy either, it will only become so over time.


It is essential to protect the sensitive cuttings from rot and mold. They also need uniform heat and moisture to root.