Skillfully remove old lawn - the best 4 options

Skillfully remove old lawn - the best 4 options

Removing lawn with muscle fat - laborious but inexpensive

The simplest method for clearing a lawn is also the most strenuous. The only working material is the spade, so that in this case only the disposal could result in costs. How to proceed:

  • Mow the lawn as short as possible
  • First remove all root weeds such as dandelions and groundgrass with a weed cutter
  • Use the spade to pierce the sward vertically
  • Then slide the spade horizontally under the sod and lift it out piece by piece

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In order to be able to completely remove the lawn, the sods are recorded together with 8-10 centimeters of the subsoil. If the grass area has been completely removed, you cannot avoid plowing. This is the only way to ensure that all roots are removed.

Remove lawn by plowing

A lawn tiller is an effective tool for hobby gardeners to remove an old lawn. The machine hexes the entire sod short and small, while at the same time the soil is thoroughly loosened up to a depth of 60-80 centimeters. The disadvantage of this method lies in the fact that not only the grass, but all the weeds are spread over the area.

Removing a lawn with a tiller is only recommended if a fast-growing lawn substitute is then planted. If the previous lawn is converted into a horse meadow or marsh meadow, plowing is also an option.

This is how you simply peel off disused lawn

Since the invention of the lawn peeling machine, unwanted areas of grass have been removed by simply peeling them off. This is how easy it is to get rid of the old lawn:

  • Put on hearing protection, protective goggles, sturdy shoes and sturdy work clothing
  • Position the self-propelled machine so that it starts along the edge of the lawn
  • Quickly guide the sod cutter with the vibrating knife in lanes over the green area

In the end, the grassy area appears as if nothing had happened. In fact, the lawn can now be peeled off in individual strips that are rolled up and disposed of.

The lawn disappears without you doing anything

Hobby gardeners with a long thread of patience spread an opaque tarpaulin on the unsightly lawn. Now that photosynthesis comes to a standstill underneath, grass and weeds die off. After about 6-24 months the covered area is devoid of any vegetation.

However, we strongly advise against using a total herbicide. Not only do the plants die, but also all soil organisms within the effective radius. In the worst case, the ecological balance of the entire garden is overturned under this powerful chemical club.

Tips & Tricks

The innovative turf sandwich method saves clever hobby gardeners the laborious task of removing the old lawn before setting up a new one. Simply mow very short, level out unevenness with a mix of compost and sand and lay the turf on top. Special measures against weeds are not required, since under the compact turf it is cut off from any access to sunlight - without light there is no photosynthesis.