Preserve egg yolks by freezing them

Preserve egg yolks by freezing them

Prepare egg yolks for freezing

When it comes to deep-freezing eggs, freshness is essential: in order to prevent bacterial contamination, the eggs must go into the freezer absolutely fresh. The raw egg yolk can be spoiled after just two hours at room temperature.

Egg yolks tend to form a tough skin when thawed, which can be annoying depending on the planned processing. To prevent this, stir the egg yolks with either a little salt (one teaspoon for ten egg yolks) or with sugar (one tablespoon for ten egg yolks).

If you have not yet planned what you want to use the yolks for later, you can freeze them in two portions: one salty for savory dishes, one with sugar for desserts.

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Portion optimally

You should freeze egg yolks in small individual portions so that they can be optimally portioned for later processing. There are three ways to store egg yolks that you want to freeze:

  • tightly lockable plastic boxes
  • freeze bag
  • Ice cube molds

Plastic boxes

The disadvantage of plastic boxes is that most of them are too big for small egg portions. The boxes do not have to be completely filled, but even half full they take up a lot of space in the freezer compartment. If you choose plastic boxes, label them with the amount of egg yolk, the addition (salt or sugar) and the date of freezing.

freeze bag

Freezer bags are easy to fill with small amounts of egg and then freeze lying flat, which takes up very little space in the freezer. Before filling, label the bags with the date of freezing, the amount of egg yolk and the words “salt” or “sugar”.

Ice cube molds

Egg yolks portioned in ice cube molds are particularly convenient for later processing. An ice cube is roughly the same as an egg yolk, so you can easily take the amount you need. As soon as the mass is completely frozen, you can transfer the egg yolk cubes into previously labeled freezer bags.

What is important when defrosting?

Hygiene is particularly important when thawing eggs, as raw animal foods are particularly susceptible to harmful germs. It is advisable to let the yolks thaw slowly in the refrigerator. In this way, the cold chain is not interrupted and the microbes have no chance of contaminating the egg.

Consume the frozen egg yolks after ten months at the latest and cook them by baking, roasting or boiling them before eating.