How do hot peppers differ from chilies?

How do hot peppers differ from chilies?

Where does the likelihood of confusion come from?

Both chilli and hot peppers are assigned to the paprika vegetable. They are therefore closely related to each other. They also have in common their origins from Mexico, South America, where both types of vegetables are a common part of the national cuisine. This is best known for its spicy dishes. Chilli and hot peppers contain a lot of capsaicin. The hot peppers are basically a subspecies of the chilli. Nevertheless, on closer inspection, it has a different appearance and also varies in taste.

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Features of the chilli

  • extremely sharp (500 on the Scoville scale, increasing tendency)
  • small pods
  • mostly colored red

Features of hot peppers

  • milder in taste (100-500 on the Scoville scale)
  • bigger than the chili
  • a subspecies of the chilli

What does the Scoville scale express?

The Scoville scale indicates the degree of spiciness of a food. Chilies and hot peppers are accordingly high here. This is mainly due to the high capsaicin content that both varieties contain. Although chilli and hot peppers are among the paprika vegetables, they are of very low value due to special breeding. Nevertheless, the chilli pepper is many times hotter. Depending on the variety, hot peppers can also taste mild or slightly sweet.

Different processing

The biggest difference between a pepperoni and a chili is the way they are processed. Of course, this results from the different taste of both types of peppers. Since the chilli is much hotter than a hot pepper, it is mostly used to make cayenne pepper or the well-known chilli powder. On the other hand, you can obtain paprika powder in all variations from hot peppers. There are also fiery varieties here. Nevertheless, the selection also extends to sweet, almost lovely spices such as noble sweet paprika powder.