The most famous species of the oak tree in Germany

The most famous species of the oak tree in Germany

Some of the most famous oak species in Germany

  • English oak
  • Sessile oak
  • Downy oak
  • Bog oak or Spree oak
  • Oaks

English oak

The English oak is also known as the summer oak. It occurs most frequently in German forests. Of all oak species, it reaches the greatest height and also the greatest age.

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This oak tree tolerates continental climates very well and therefore also grows in the Mediterranean region, in Scandinavia and northern Russia. English oaks can still be planted even at a height of 1,000 meters.

Sessile oak

The sessile oak is a winter oak. It is the second most common oak species in Central Europe after the pedunculate oak. Because of its long taproot, it is extremely stormproof.

In botany, the sessile oak is a subspecies of the pedunculate oak, which differs mainly in its location. It does not occur at high altitudes.

Downy oak

The downy oak prefers a milder climate and therefore mainly grows where it is warm and dry.

It owes its name to its young twigs, which are slightly fluffy. At 25 meters, the downy oak remains smaller than the other representatives of its genus.

Bog oak and oak

Bog oaks originally come from North America, but are popular in Germany.

The oak was probably brought to Germany by the Romans. It prefers a warmer climate and is therefore mainly represented in southern Germany.

Red oak, holm oak and cork oak

Three well-known oak species are the red oak that occurs in North America and the holm oak and cork oak that comes from the Mediterranean region.

The red oak is often grown in German parks because of its red colored foliage.

The cork oak is grown in the Mediterranean countries for the extraction of cork.

Tips & Tricks

When a "Tree of the Year" was chosen for the first time in 1989, the choice fell on the pedunculate oak. It is also known under the name “Deutsche Eiche”. How robust this oak tree is can be seen from the fact that it continues to grow even after lightning strikes or splits caused by storms.