Cut the linden tree - that's how it's done

Cut the linden tree - that's how it's done

The dimensions of the linden crown

Linden trees in local gardens are usually local varieties such as summer, winter or silver linden. Their height can reach up to 30 meters - that alone is no longer really proportionate for some gardens. However, the spreading growth of the treetop can be even more problematic. The branches of the linden tree can expand up to 15 meters in width. As beautiful as the shadow under the light green heart leaves is - if it extends this way, possibly even to the neighbor's side, a cut back is required.

  • Garden linden varieties grow up to 30 m high
  • Tree canopy extension up to 15 m

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The pruning tolerance of linden trees

In general, linden trees do not need special care. And when it comes to pruning, too, they shine through their simplicity. As a rule, they can take the crown cut without any problems. In addition, they react to it with strong new growth - with regular trimming you can also use them to form precisely defined trellises.

How to cut

The ideal time for pruning lime trees is autumn before the first frost. Here you can also make radical trims.

How it is cut is always roughly based on the same rules. Whether you just want to reduce the crown of a solitary, shade-giving specimen or shape artistic row plantings is only a question of the execution details. Basically:

  • remove old and rotten branches
  • otherwise external contour sharpening
  • use clean cutting tools

Rough work

You can use a chainsaw or a hand hacksaw to roughly remove thick, old branches. Pay attention to the cleanliness of the tool - because even if the linden tree is generally good at twisting cuts, fungal infections cannot be ruled out with dirty residues.

Fine work

Electric hedge trimmers are suitable for sharpening the outer contours (€ 135.56 on Amazon *) or smaller hand hedge trimmers for smaller trees that need to be trained to form defined trellises. Here, too, it is important to ensure that the blades are clean - it is best to disinfect them before work. In addition, the cutting tools should be well sharpened and close precisely so that no bruises occur when cutting.