Plant a pistachio tree or maintain it in a bucket

Plant a pistachio tree or maintain it in a bucket

Growing pistachios outdoors or as a container plant?

Pistachio trees come from very warm regions, can reach heights of up to 25 meters and are only partially hardy. It is therefore better to grow the trees in the tub on the terrace or in the winter garden.

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How are pistachios sown?

  • Soak fresh pistachio nuts
  • Fill the pot with cactus soil
  • Press the swollen seeds halfway into the soil
  • keep soil moistured
  • Provide humidity

Pistachio seeds should be watered for several days before sowing. You will then drive out faster.

So that they germinate well, the seeds should only be half covered with soil.

What kind of soil do pistachios need?

Pistachio trees are undemanding and also grow on poor soil. They do very well in cactus soil. Garden soil mixed with sand is also suitable.

Which location is preferred?

Pistachios like it very warm. When planting outdoors, choose a dry, sunny spot. Put potted plants on a south-facing terrace in summer.

How are pistachios harvested?

Pistachio trees only bear fruit every two years. To harvest pistachios, you need a male and a female plant, as pistachios are not self-fertilizing. The fertilization takes place outdoors via the wind.

The first pistachios grow after three to four years. They are ripe when the solid shell has turned brown. She jumps up and releases the green core.

Are pistachios hardy?

In mild locations, pistachio trees are partially hardy, provided that the temperatures do not drop below minus ten degrees. Winter protection outdoors is advisable.

Put potted plants indoors at ten degrees over the winter.

How are pistachios propagated?

Propagation usually takes place through the seed. You can also try cutting cuttings. However, this does not always work.

Tips & Tricks

Pistachio seeds have to be fresh and untreated in order for them to germinate. You should therefore obtain seeds from a specialist nursery or bring them with you from your vacation in Turkey.