Hebe andersonii is not hardy!

Hebe andersonii is not hardy!

Lift andersonii better pull in the bucket

Because of its large leaves, the Hebe andersonii with its pretty purple flower candles is not hardy. You should therefore not plant this shrub veronica variety in the garden, but tend it in the tub.

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Even if you provide sufficient winter protection outdoors, the Hebe andersonii, unlike the Hebe addenda variety, will almost certainly not survive a winter outdoors. As soon as it gets colder than minus five degrees outside for several days, the leaves freeze to death and the shrub veronica dies.

So plant Hebe andersonii in a tub or pot that you place on the terrace or balcony.

Hebe andersonii hibernate properly

In autumn it is time to bring Hebe andersonii into winter quarters. Check beforehand whether there are any pests on the plant and take remedial action if necessary.

Hebe in the bucket needs a frost-free, but as bright as possible location to overwinter. Temperatures between five and ten degrees are ideal. For example, put them in

  • the entrance area
  • to a cool hallway window
  • the cold winter garden
  • a cool greenhouse
  • a garage with a window

It is important that it is very bright in the winter location. If necessary, you can provide more light with plant lamps. The humidity should not be too high.

Water moderately but fertilize occasionally

During the winter, the Hebe andersonii is only moderately watered. The ball of the pot must not dry out completely.

In contrast to other plants, you can supply Hebe with liquid fertilizer every fortnight, even in winter.

As soon as it gets warmer outside, get the Hebe andersonii out of their winter quarters and slowly get used to warmer temperatures. If roots have grown out of the bottom of the pot, it is time to repot the shrub veronica in spring.


Hebe andersonii can also be looked after well in the room. There it needs a bright location with little direct sunlight. For the winter, place the perennial cooler but light.