Star moss - the easy-care, evergreen lawn substitute

Star moss - the easy-care, evergreen lawn substitute

The fattening herb star moss

Strictly speaking, star moss is not moss, but a fattening herb from the carnation family. The very low ground cover forms dense cushions, which are covered with countless small white star blossoms from June to August.

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The cushion shrub does not grow taller than five centimeters and is therefore ideal as a lawn substitute. It is evergreen and can withstand temperatures below minus 35 degrees.

The delicate star moss can hardly prevail against competitors. So that the area is not overgrown by other plants, it is worthwhile to surround it with lawn edging stones.

Plant star moss as a lawn substitute

  • Partly shaded location
  • Slightly nutritious soil
  • Moist soil without waterlogging

Star moss also grows in direct sunlight, but there is a risk that the delicate plant will dry out too quickly. So that the ground cover can develop its full bloom, the soil must always be slightly damp.

Planting can be done at any time as long as the ground is not frozen. Only in midsummer is it not recommended to create a replacement lawn. The intended area must be carefully cleared of weeds. Soils that are too light are improved with ripe compost.

15 plants are required per square meter. You can also sow them yourself.

Maintain star moss lawns properly

The soil must never dry out completely, whereby waterlogging must be avoided. Occasional fertilizers are recommended.

Mowing is not necessary as the ground cover remains very low. Should a perennial grow a little taller, it can be easily cut with secateurs. As a result, the plants branch out even better. However, pruning will prevent abundant flowering.

Star moss is hardy. The area should be cleared of leaves before winter. Too much moisture forms under the mulch, causing the cushion shrubs to rot.

Tips & Tricks

Star moss tends to lift off the ground after a few weeks. It should then simply be pushed back down to earth. This can also be achieved by frequent entry. This is why this ground cover is an ideal substitute for lawn.