Pick blackberries properly

Pick blackberries properly

The season for picking blackberries

As early as May and June, the flowers on the blackberry tendrils add to the sea of ​​colors in the garden, forest and meadow. In spite of this, at most locations it will take until around the end of July before the ripe fruits can then be harvested by autumn. For cultivars in the home garden, the season can start a little earlier if the trellis for climbing blackberries is placed close to a sunlit wall. The care of the blackberries in trellis shape also ensures that the first fruits become deep black and sweet a little earlier thanks to the improved solar radiation on all parts of the plant.

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Picking blackberries from wild plants in nature.

If you take the whole family with summer walks in the woods and along embankments to pick blackberries, you should make sure that you explain the difference between blackberries and possibly poisonous berries to young children. Snacking directly from the bush is also tempting, but also dangerous due to the danger of the fox tapeworm. A risk can also be excluded when harvesting wild blackberries if only fruits from about knee height are harvested and all blackberries are first cleaned well with water at home.

The right technique for picking the blackberries

The following utensils are required to harvest wild or farmed blackberries:

  • protective clothing with long sleeves and legs (for thorn-studded varieties)
  • possibly gloves to protect against stains on the hands
  • Sufficient bowls and baskets for transport without squeezing

Tips & Tricks

The strong coloring properties of blackberry juice can be a nuisance when picking. But it can also be used wonderfully as a biological color for coloring food, juices and ice creams. To do this, the already crushed fruits are simply sorted into an extra bowl, as they would spoil the intact fruits in the refrigerator even faster than usual. Then they are pureed and can be used for various recipes.