Fresh garden peas from the freezer

Fresh garden peas from the freezer

Harvest peas and prepare them for the freezer

From the bush to the freezer, the pea goes through a series of stations with your help, which it optimally prepares for storage:

  • the harvest
  • the purge
  • blanching
  • packing and freezing

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The harvest and the cleaning

Even when harvesting peas, you should make sure that you only cut off green pods that are in perfect condition. Pods with black spots, scuff marks or mold belong on the compost. After that, there is a time-consuming job to be done that is more fun and quicker with a few helpers. Pod by pod must be opened and the peas pushed out inside.

After that, clean the peas under running water. Use two sieves and pour the peas back and forth until all the dirt is removed.

Blanching and packaging

To ensure that the peas retain their fresh green color when they are frozen later, they must be blanched. To do this, heat plenty of water in a large saucepan. Another bowl with ice-cold water, if possible with ice cubes, is ready next to the stove.

As soon as the water boils, the peas are immersed in a sieve insert or a bag, in portions if necessary, in the boiling water for about three minutes. Then take the peas out and dip them in the ice water. After draining, you can now fill your pea crop into freezer cans. Make sure you push as much air out of the cans as possible. It is easier with freezer bags that can be vacuum-sealed.

Finally, label the frozen food and store it in the freezer. Here the peas stay fresh for about ten months.

The garden journal freshness-ABC

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