Fig tree is losing leaves

Fig tree is losing leaves

These could be reasons for leaf loss:

  • Insufficient supply of potassium
  • Lack of water
  • Rust fungi
  • Fig mosaic virus

Lack of water leads to leaf shedding

The heat-loving fig is also troubled by extreme heat and a lack of water. The plant is no longer able to supply the foliage with sufficient water, the leaves dry out from the edge towards the center and finally fall off.

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You should therefore water fig trees regularly in the summer months. In the case of free-range figs, it has proven useful to flood the trees generously. Bucket figs always need water when the earth feels dry. However, don't let the root ball dry out completely.

The trigger can be a viral disease

Many figs are carriers of the mosaic virus. Young leaves in particular turn yellow, show deformities on the leaf lobes and then fall off. Stress, triggered by wet weather conditions or excessive watering, is responsible for the outbreak of the plant disease.

Always put a drainage layer in the tub or planting hole of the fig tree and avoid waterlogging. As soon as the fig finds good growing conditions again, it forms healthy, new foliage.

Fungi as a cause of leaf loss

Rust fungi show up as small, red-brown and slightly raised spots on the fig leaf. The mushroom mycelium permeates the entire leaf and deprives the fig of many nutrients. The leaves die off and are thrown off.

Treat rust at the first sign and remove any infected leaves. Carefully collect leaves that have already fallen. Dispose of the plant parts with household waste, as rust fungi survive when composted. Then spray the fig with a suitable fungicide.

Possible cause: lack of nutrients

Rolling in the foliage from the edge of the leaf and subsequent shedding of the leaves indicates a lack of potassium. A balanced complete fertilizer for figs must contain the nutrients sodium, phosphorus and potash in a ratio of 1 - 2 - 3.

Tips & Tricks

If the plant suffers from a lack of nutrients, you should not increase the amount of fertilizer under any circumstances, as the fig first needs its strength for regeneration. Continue to fertilize once a week during the growth phase and only change the product.