How to properly care for your colored nettle - the best tips and tricks

How to properly care for your colored nettle - the best tips and tricks

Plant the colored nettle

The roots of the colored nettle need a lot of space so that they can develop well. Therefore, it is best to repot your freshly purchased nettle in a larger planter. She will thank you with lush growth.

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Put a little compost or fertilizer in the new potting soil, because the colored nettle likes nutrient-rich soil. This also applies if you plant the colored nettle in the garden. Find a bright and, if possible, sheltered location.

Water and fertilize the colored nettles

The colored nettle is relatively thirsty and should be watered regularly, especially if it is in a sunny spot. If the root ball dries out completely, the colored nettle quickly sheds its leaves. Abundant watering may save them. But you'd better not let it get that far.

Increase the colored nettle

The colored nettle can be propagated quite easily by cuttings. Since the leaf color of older plants is often less decorative than that of young plants, you should remove cuttings from these plants in good time so that you do not have to buy new plants.

The colored nettle in the garden

If you would like to plant the colored nettle in your flower bed, then you should definitely wait for the ice saints in May. Only when the temperature does not drop below 12-14 ° C at night should you put this plant outdoors. Because even in the cold it may shed its leaves or wilt.

The colored nettle in winter

Since the colored nettle cannot tolerate the cold, it can only overwinter in a warm house. Bring the plant to the heat in time. Even temperatures of just under 15 ° C let the colored nettle wither and possibly die.

The most important care tips for the colored nettle:

  • bright warm location
  • nutrient-rich soil
  • pour a lot
  • not winterproof


Water your colored nettle regularly, it doesn't need much more care.