Efeutute hanging or grown as a climbing plant

Efeutute hanging or grown as a climbing plant

Maintain the ivy hanging in the hanging basket

Efeututen are very popular because they can be used in so many ways. You can be as

  • Hanging plant
  • Climbing plant
  • Climbing plant

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hold in the room. It is easiest if you just let the tendrils hang down. That is why the Efeutute is an ideal plant for hanging baskets.

To do this, put several plants in a planter. Depending on the diameter, you can plant three to six ivy tods. One efeutute alone does not look so luxurious. If the tendrils get too long, just cut them off.

Hang hanging baskets safe from children

Efeututen are poisonous. Hang the hanging basket (€ 14.99 at Amazon *) so that neither children nor pets can get to fallen leaves and that no liquid can drip from the leaves onto the floor.

Green walls and windows with ivy

If you don't just want to leave the Efeutute hanging, you can use it to green entire walls in the room - especially since the Efeutute can also cope with little light.

A few nails are sufficient for the wall greening, to which you simply attach the tendrils. You can also run the tendrils right around windows or attach them to shelves.

As a climbing plant, the ivy needs a climbing aid

If the tendrils should not just hang down, but rather the ivy should be grown as a climbing plant, you need a climbing aid. This can be a trellis through whose mesh you stick the individual shoots.

Epithic trunks that are wrapped in moss and have a very decorative effect are very popular. The tendrils of the ivy are attached to it with clips. The clamps must not be too tight, as the leaves will then turn yellow.

Basically anything is suitable as a climbing aid to which you can attach the shoots of the Efeutute.


The leaves of young ivy are between five and ten centimeters in size. The older the plant gets, the larger the leaves become. They can reach a size of up to 40 centimeters.