Pay attention to the correct spacing when planting the boxwood

Pay attention to the correct spacing when planting the boxwood

Why the sufficient distance is so important

In recent years boxwood, which has otherwise been an integral part of gardens for centuries, has lost a lot of its popularity. Diseases and pests, above all the shoot death caused by the fungus Cylindrocladium buxicola and the small butterfly box tree moth, which has been introduced from East Asia, affect the evergreen wood and ensure that the classic box hedge is becoming increasingly rare. An infestation cannot always be maintained, but it becomes less likely with appropriate care measures and optimal site conditions. The correct distance between plants is essential so that the individual plants get enough light and air and do not have to compete with each other for both, water and nutrients.

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Planting distance depends on the size and variety

The correct planting distance depends above all on the size of the boxwood plants and the selected variety. As a rule of thumb, plants about ten centimeters high may be placed closer than larger specimens. Even stronger varieties in terms of growth generally need more space than slow-growing, large solitary plants more than hedge plants.

The optimal planting distance for a dense hedge

For a dense box hedge or border, you should choose the following distances:

  • small plants around 10-15 centimeters high: six to eight plants per linear meter
  • larger plants: four to six plants per linear meter

The distance is then, depending on the height of the plants, between 15 and 30 centimeters. Solitaires, on the other hand, need significantly more space, especially when it comes to elaborately cut topiary trees. These need sufficient space for themselves not only for reasons of health, but also for aesthetic reasons: the attractive figures only come into their own when they are in a suitable location.


Small plants are cheaper to buy, but due to their slow growth they need several years for an appealing result. To save money, you can also grow the plants you need yourself. However, this will require a lot of patience.

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