From the tuber to the ginger blossom

From the tuber to the ginger blossom

Fresh and strong tubers

You can get the bulbs necessary for growing ginger in the supermarket almost all year round. If you buy ginger tubers for a cultivation in your own garden, you should choose particularly fresh and strong pieces of tubers. This is how you lay the foundation for the optimal development of the ginger plants grown in the tub.

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Pay attention to a nutrient-rich soil substrate

In order for the ginger to bloom during the local ginger season, an adequate supply of nutrients must be ensured. The ginger tuber should be placed in a bucket with a loose and humic plant substrate. With the right dosage, light fertilizers over the summer promote the development of the typical inflorescences of ginger.

Cultivation time until the ginger blooms in your own garden

It usually takes about 250 days from exposing the ginger bulbs to harvesting the ginger in autumn. The decorative inflorescences do not always develop during this time. If you position the potted ginger in a sufficiently warm and sunlit location, the chances are good that you will see the yellow, purple or purple flowers of the ginger in your own garden.

Extend the ginger season in favor of flowering

If you did not put the ginger bulbs in the garden until later than March to sprout, it could be a shortage of flowers before the onset of winter. In this case, you can also simply bring your ginger plant into the house so that you can still enjoy the ginger blossoms. Make sure to move to the warm before the first cold autumn days, otherwise the leaves of the ginger will turn yellow and die.

Tips & Tricks

The inflorescences of ginger usually do not play a role as a food component, although they are not poisonous. But you can also wait for ginger grown for flowering purposes to bloom and then still harvest the aromatic tubers.