All relevant aspects for the care of pineapple plants

All relevant aspects for the care of pineapple plants

How to water a pineapple plant

The pineapple plant feels extremely comfortable with changing soil moisture, although the substrate is allowed to dry out a little in between. The tropical plant tolerates waterlogging much less than short-term drought. Preferably use collected rainwater or decalcified tap water for watering. Since a pineapple plant also absorbs moisture from the air, it enjoys a gentle spray from time to time.

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When and how is fertilization carried out?

A pineapple plant only needs fewer additional nutrients. Pamper the fruit plant with a dose of liquid fertilizer every 14 days from April to August.

Does the pineapple plant need pruning?

The extravagant habit of a pineapple plant makes any pruning unnecessary. If it takes on an expansive stature as it grows, it is not trimmed, but repotted.

How does a pineapple plant overwinter?

Although the tropical pineapple does not go into hibernation per se, it does at least reduce its metabolism a little during the dark, cold season. How to successfully overwinter the exotic fruit plant:

  • at the sunny south window at temperatures around an ideal 20-25 degrees Celsius
  • the mercury column must not fall below 16 degrees Celsius
  • the radiator under the window sill is not or only minimally active
  • Only pour when the substrate surface is dry
  • do not give fertilizer

Due to the dry heating air, the focus is on maintaining the humidity. Spray the pineapple plant more frequently with lukewarm, lime-free water. Commercially available humidifiers now work wonders.

What should you watch out for when repotting?

At the latest when the pineapple plant grows over the edge of the bucket, repotting is on the agenda. A good date for this maintenance measure is early spring, just before the new season. In the new planter, lay a drainage made of potsherds over the opening in the floor. Use well-drained, poor substrate and place the pineapple plant in it down to the lower row of leaves.

Tips & Tricks

Pineapple wilt is considered the most common disease in exotic plants. Triggered by the pineapple gullet, the above-ground parts of the plant die off. Infested plants are isolated immediately. Spraying with a mix of 15 milliliters of soft soap (€ 17.27 at Amazon *) and alcohol, dissolved in 1 liter of water, has proven to be helpful.


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