Freeze self-cooked risotto

Freeze self-cooked risotto

When can risotto be frozen?

If you want to freeze leftovers from your risotto, it should be freshly cooked as possible and not yet been on the plate you used. The fresher the risotto is frozen, the better it tastes after defrosting.

Even after two hours at room temperature, harmful microorganisms can spread in the risotto and make it inedible. Put the leftovers of the meal in a freezer box as soon as possible, close it and let the risotto cool completely before freezing. Only freeze the remains from the saucepan, as food scraps from the plate were already in contact with your spoon and thus your saliva, which also promotes the multiplication of germs.

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Pack the risotto so that it is suitable for freezing and freeze

Sealable freezer jars made of plastic or stainless steel are very suitable for freezing risotto. It is best to pack the leftovers in several individual portions so that you can only thaw the required amount. Don't forget to label the containers with the date they were frozen so that you don't lose track of the contents of your freezer and the food doesn't spoil.

By the way, you can also freeze and thaw your mushroom risotto without hesitation: It's a persistent rumor that mushrooms must not be frozen.

Thaw risotto

To thaw the frozen risotto again, you can choose between two variants:

  • Thaw your risotto slowly and gently in the refrigerator, because that way it doesn't get soggy. Put it in the unopened freezer in the refrigerator the evening before. This way it stays cool and no germs can develop on it. Before consumption, you can heat the risotto in a saucepan or in the microwave.
  • Defrost the risotto directly in the microwave and warm it up at the same time. Pour a few drops of water over the risotto and place it in the microwave, which you then set to defrost. After a few minutes, stir the dish so that it heats up evenly and put it in the microwave again for a few minutes.

The risotto can be kept for three months at -18 ° C in the *** freezer. The longer it is stored, the less aromatic it tastes after thawing.