The most beautiful hardy rock garden plants

The most beautiful hardy rock garden plants

Protect rock garden plants from moisture in winter

In their natural location, mountain plants spend the cold season under a blanket of snow, often meters high, and therefore remain relatively dry, shielded from other external weather influences. This snow cover often remains from October to May, especially in the high mountains, so that typical rock garden plants have a long winter break. During a rainy average winter in Central Europe, many of these plants therefore suffer from excess moisture and must therefore be protected from it. Possible measures not only against rain, but also against cold frosts are, for example:

  • Glass or plexiglass panes over the plant
  • Fir or spruce branches
  • a frost protection fleece

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Remember to remove fleece and brushwood on sunny days with temperatures above zero so that no light-seeking shoots can develop.

The most beautiful hardy plants for the rock garden

Most rock garden plants feel very comfortable in a sunny spot, but some plants also thrive in darker locations. Sun lovers in particular should be protected against cold frosts, as these can cause the above-ground parts of the plants to freeze to death.

Rock garden plants for sunny locations

The following species have proven themselves in the rock garden in sunny locations:

  • Sedum plant: loves dryness and absolutely needs good moisture protection
  • Carpet or upholstery phlox (phlox): location in full sun, good drainage. Moisture protection especially for wild species.
  • Dwarf gorse (Genista sagitalis): classic, preference for a rather bright location
  • Houseleek (Sempervivum): full sun, very dry location; prefers dry, hot planting areas
  • Spurge (Euphorbia): very dry and full sun, light winter protection required
  • Alpine bells (Soldanella): native mountain plant, needs a lot of sun and a rather damp location
  • Balloon flower (Platycodon): prefers a sunny, rather moist location
  • Storchenschnabel (Geranium): some alpine species well suited for the rock garden, sunny location
  • Gentian (Gentiana): native spring bloomer with intense bloom color, sunny and rather moist location
  • Carnations (Dianthus): great diversity of species and varieties. Easy to care for in sunny and rather dry locations

The list is of course not complete, because the specialist trade has a very large selection of hardy plants for the rock garden. Naturally, native species are particularly suitable, but plants from regions with similar climatic conditions also thrive here with us.

Rock garden plants for partially shaded / shady locations

A few rock garden plants also feel good in rather darker locations. These include these types:

  • Bergenia (Bergenia): thrives both in the shade and in the sun, easy to care for and undemanding
  • Gaultheria (Gaultheria): requires little light, but a moist and acidic soil
  • Moss saxifrage (Saxifraga arendsii or S. hypnoides): nice ground cover, prefers rather moist and shady locations


Mice also feel very comfortable under a warming winter fleece. You should therefore set up mouse traps as a precaution.

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