Farmer rose and hollyhock - are they the same plant?

Farmer rose and hollyhock - are they the same plant?

The peony - a brief overview

The common peony is probably the best-known type of peony. It fits wonderfully in the classic cottage garden. Perhaps that's why it got the name Bauernrose. The mostly double flowers in pink, pink or white are up to 20 cm in size. They are also great room decorations in the vase. The flowering time of the easy-care peony is around May and June.

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The peony likes a sunny or slightly shady spot. In addition to the perennial peonies, to which the common peony belongs, there are also shrub peonies. They are enjoying increasing popularity. by hobby gardeners, however, should be planted deeper than perennial peonies.

A little about the hollyhock

Like the common peony, the hollyhock also belongs in a classic cottage garden, which is why the name cottage rose also fits it. It can be more than 2 m high. Hollyhocks look best in small, loose groups or in a row on fences, walls or house walls. If it is very windy, the plants should be protected from tipping over.

There are hollyhocks with double and unfilled flowers in a wide variety of colors. The color palette ranges from white to yellow, various shades of pink, apricot and red to almost black flowers. The flowers can also be used for coloring.

As a rule, hollyhocks are biennial perennials that only bloom in the second year and die after the seeds have ripened. You can collect the seeds and sow them the next year.

This is all a peasant rose:

  • “Bauernrose” is not a regular term
  • usually the name for the common peony
  • occasionally the hollyhock is meant
  • can also be an old fragrant rose variety


In most cases the common peony is meant when the farmer rose is mentioned. But it is also not wrong to call the hollyhock that.