Mirabelle plum or apricot - what's the difference?

Mirabelle plum or apricot - what's the difference?
  • different name usage
  • different notes in taste
  • different texture of the peel
  • flowers of various types in detail

Difference 1 - the name

The similar sound can lead to confusion. The word apricot is only the common name for the apricot in southern Germany and Austria. The name mirabelle, on the other hand, is derived from the Latin “mirabilis” and means something like wonderful. Alternatively, mirabelle plums are also known as yellow plums. Anyone who has tried both once knows from the taste alone that two completely different fruits are hidden behind both names.

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Difference 2 - the taste

Mirabelle plums have a very firm pulp. It can easily be detached from the core. In addition to their yellow color and size, both fruits are very similar in these points. However, one of the main differences between apricot and mirabelle plum is the taste. Mirabelle plums taste intensely sweet to sweet and sour. Apricots, on the other hand, have a slightly almond-like aroma. Ripe fruits bring a delicate sweetness with them, while less developed variants taste bland and meaningless.

Difference 3 - the feel

You will notice a clear difference, especially when you stroke the skin of both fruits. Mirabelle plums have a smooth and firm skin, while the surface of apricots is characteristically soft and slightly roughened. The taste of the Mirabelle plum differs from the apricot, with a slightly bitter aroma.

Difference 4 - the flower

Not only do apricots bloom as early as March, while mirabelle plums don't bloom until April and May. The look of the flowers also differs, albeit only in detail. Both fruit trees shine in wonderful white bloom. Unlike the pure white umbels of the Mirabelle plum, the apricot blossoms have dark red accents inside.

Mirabelle plums and apricots in common

Of course, both fruits also have strong similarities. In addition to the risk of confusing the name, the similar appearance should be mentioned. Both types of fruit are round, about three to five centimeters tall and have an intense yellow color with red speckles. This is not surprising since mirabelle plums and apricots belong to the same genus. Both are rose plants of the genus Prunus, i.e. representatives of the plums.