Can I make a stone border myself?

Can I make a stone border myself?

Which stones can I use for edging a bed?

You can use a wide variety of stones for edging a bed. If you want something noble, then granite is very suitable. If, on the other hand, it should be very cheap, then use old bricks that are still in place from the last renovation. But sandstone or field stone are also ideally suited for the design of a bed border.

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Possible stones for a bed border:

  • Field stones
  • Sandstone
  • granite
  • old bricks or bricks
  • large pebbles

Where can I get stones for my bed border?

You can get bricks or bricks very cheaply at a rubble dump or directly from a demolition house, with a little luck even for free. Then all you have to do is take care of the transport. Perhaps you will also find what you are looking for with friends or acquaintances. Otherwise, the building trade is a good place to go. You may be able to buy remaining stock there at a very reasonable price. You can also get granite stones in specialist shops, but they are significantly more expensive.

In some regions you can collect sandstones and field stones yourself, as well as large pebbles or beach stones. But then it will certainly take a while until you have enough stones together for a bed border. Let friends and acquaintances help you or go to a well-stocked hardware store. There the stones cost money, but you save a lot of time.

Do I have to put a stone surround in mortar?

If you just want to lay a simple row of sandstones or bricks, a bed of mortar is not absolutely necessary. However, if you want to set the bricks at an angle to create a serrated edge, then a bed of mortar is useful because it significantly improves stability and durability.

If you want to build a small wall or prop up a slope bed, then mortar is essential for stability. It can be mixed relatively quickly, you can usually find the instructions on the packaging. In this way you can create and border a new bed in one afternoon.

What do I have to look out for when edging stone beds?

A stone border is solid and durable. Nevertheless, not every stone fits into every garden. Pay attention to a harmonious overall picture between the beds and the border. Noble stone goes well with noble plants while natural stones look more harmonious in a natural garden.


Use stones for your bed borders that match the style of your garden, such as granite for the rose garden and field stones or old bricks in the cottage garden.