Pull a sweet potato yourself

Pull a sweet potato yourself

Schedule for growing a sweet potato

Ideally, you start growing a sweet potato in winter. It doesn't take long for the first roots to show up, but at this point your potato still has enough time to develop sufficiently to be later set outside. This is only possible after the last night frosts have subsided. The middle of May, after the ice saints, is a reliable time here. Only in the greenhouse are there suitable conditions for the sweet potato to be planted earlier. The optimal temperature for cultivation is 17 ° C.

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You can grow a sweet potato easily using three different methods:

  • down in the soil
  • in the water glass
  • about cuttings

Materials needed

Depending on the procedure, you will need:

  • a sweet potato tuber from the supermarket
  • a flower box
  • Potting soil
  • a glass of fresh water
  • Cuttings that you either take from the mother plant or buy from a gardening store

Cultivation in the ground

  1. fill a box with ordinary soil or mix a substrate of compost and sand
  2. put the sweet potato tuber on top
  3. place the box in a bright place
  4. keep the substrate moist throughout

Cultivation in a water glass

  1. fill a glass with warm, fresh water
  2. cut off one end of a sweet potato tuber
  3. place the sweet potato in the water with the cut side down
  4. the sweet potato is too small and threatening. To sink in, toothpicks help hold them in place
  5. place the glass in a warm, bright place, for example on the windowsill
  6. change the water after a few days

Growing with cuttings

  1. remove approximately 10 cm long shoots of your existing sweet potato
  2. put them in a shallow bowl of water
  3. here, too, it only takes a few days for the first roots to form