There are no hardy dahlias

There are no hardy dahlias

Do not plant out dahlias until spring

The young shoots of the dahlia do not tolerate frost at all. Therefore, you may only plant preferred dahlias outside after the ice saints.

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You can put the tubers in the ground as early as the end of April, provided that the earth has warmed up to at least ten degrees.

Do not overwinter hardy dahlias

Since dahlias are not winter-proof, you need to protect the tubers from sub-zero temperatures. There are several possibilities for that:

  • Hibernate tubers in the cellar
  • Leave the tubers in the pot
  • Store tubers without a cellar
  • Protect tubers from frost outside

You will have the least losses if you take the tubers out of the bed or the pot in autumn, let them dry and then store them in a wooden box in the cellar. A plastic bag with some soil and lots of small holes can also be used as an alternative. Every now and then the dahlia bulbs need to be slightly moistened.

You should always overwinter particularly beautiful dahlia varieties that you are very fond of in the cellar. All other methods are not as reliable. Many dahlia bulbs do not survive these forms of wintering.

Don't winter hardy dahlias without a cellar?

If you don't have a basement, you can try wintering the dahlia bulbs in the utility room or a frost-free garage.

It is important that the room is not too damp, not too warm and not too bright.

Hibernate dahlias in a pot

If you want to overwinter your dahlias in pots, cut down all stems after the first frost at the latest, so that only a few centimeters remain above the ground.

Place the pots in a cool but frost-free place that is as dark as possible. As soon as the temperature rises above ten degrees, the tubers begin to sprout.

Hibernate dahlias outside

Some gardeners report that they don't overwinter hardy dahlias outside. However, the risk that the tubers won't survive this is great.

If you want to start a try, winterize the dahlias as follows:

  • Cut the stems down
  • Apply a thick layer of leaves and soil
  • Also cover the planting site with bubble wrap
  • Remove the winter cover in spring

Overwintering works best outside if your dahlias grow close to the house or in a very temperate climate. Most georgins survive in mild winters - if they don't rot from too much moisture or are eaten by voles.

Tips & Tricks

Before you get the georgines out of the ground, cut the stems down to four inches. The root neck on the tubers must never be completely removed. The new shoots develop on it, which will produce flowers in the next year.