Plant rose hip

Plant rose hip

Choosing the right plants

You get a rich harvest with the Richard Strauss, Puccini or Wilhelm varieties. Mandarin roses are known for their large fruits and if you have limited space in the garden, you can plant small shrub roses such as Snow Star or Juanito. Before planting, it is important to find a suitable seedling. These are offered in specialist shops. Alternatively, separate the root runners from a shrub and plant them again. Sowing is also possible, but is not recommended due to the long germination time.

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What claims the rose hip makes

The demands on the substrate are not high. The dog rose thrives best on chalky soil. A location that is very sunny is also ideal. It even thrives in partial shade, but the rose hip is not suitable for greening a house wall in the north. Since the shrub grows vigorously, you should keep a planting distance of at least 1.5 meters. The shrub can grow up to three meters high. The shadier the location, the more the rose hip grows upwards. You can therefore let the plant climb up a trellis or other shrub. However, it is not in good hands under a tree because of the shadows that are cast.

How to plant the rose hip

It is best to plant the rose hips in autumn. Loosen the subsoil well beforehand and enrich the soil with compost, mineral fertilizer or manure. For example, you can mix the excavated material for the planting hole with compost. After planting, pile up some soil around the bush and water vigorously. If the soil is very hard and firm, you should loosen it up regularly. When planting, the pruning is important. You cut the shoots back to a few buds. Leave four to five buds on strong shoots, only two to three on weak shoots. If the top buds are outward after the cut, the rose hip grows in a beautiful, loose shape.