How to care for the hyacinth in the pot when it has withered

How to care for the hyacinth in the pot when it has withered

Water during flowering and cut what has faded

The hyacinth in the room sometimes blooms as early as Christmas.

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Cut off any faded inflorescences so that the flower bulb can produce more flowers. You must never remove the leaves while they are still green.

Water regularly so that the soil never dries out completely. This creates the basis for making the hyacinth in the pot bloom for several years.

When the hyacinth has faded

When the last flower has faded, the plant goes into a long rest. During this time she gathers new strength in order to drive out vigorously in the next year.

Place the pot in as dry a place as possible on the terrace or in a bright basement window. It shouldn't be too warm. Water only a little and only until the leaves have turned yellow. Then the hyacinth no longer needs water.

Alternatively, you can take the onion out of the pot, clean it, dry it and store it in a cool, dark place.

Cold phase in autumn

In order for the hyacinth in the pot to bloom next year too, it must go through a cold phase. The gardener calls this "stratifying".

To do this, the pot has to stand very cold and dark for about eight weeks. Temperatures between zero and six degrees are ideal.

If you don't have a place that's cold enough, put the hyacinth in the pot in your fridge's vegetable drawer.

Repot after the cold phase

The cold phase is over when the hyacinth sprouts again and the first flowers begin to appear. Now you need to take care of them:

  • Transplant in new soil
  • Place the pot in a light position at around 15 degrees
  • First water moderately
  • Water regularly later

Tips & Tricks

Hyacinth bulbs will last a good 15 years with proper care. In the garden the plant forms many bulbs, so that you can enjoy a colorful sea of ​​hyacinths for many years.