What's the best way to preserve a rose?

What's the best way to preserve a rose?

Air drying is only recommended to a limited extent

Probably the best known method of preserving roses is also the least suitable: the roses are sprayed all around with hairspray and then hung upside down to dry in a dark and warm place. Although this method usually works quite well, the roses preserved in this way become very brittle and also difficult to clean.

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Not only beautiful, but also tasty: candy roses

Maybe not necessarily as a preservation for eternity, but a great gift idea - for example for Valentine's Day - is the possibility of dipping rose petals in sugar syrup and thus not only preserving them, but also turning them into a sweet treat. For this, however, you should only use roses from your own cultivation, as purchased specimens are poisoned with pesticides. The sugar syrup is obtained by boiling one cup of sugar and one cup of water together and allowing the resulting solution to cool to around 60 ° C.

Optimal: make roses durable with glycerine

The method of preserving roses with glycerine, however, is more permanent. To do this, mix glycerine (available in the pharmacy) and water in a ratio of 1: 2 and pour the mixture into a vase. Now place the rose to be preserved in there - first cut the stem slightly at an angle - and wait until you notice small, emerging droplets on the petals. At this point the rose has soaked itself in glycerine and is now perfectly preserved. Make sure, however, that the flower no longer comes into contact with water.

Perfect: keep rose petals fresh with silica

Another very successful method is to place the rose in silica granulate or silica gel. Alternatively, you can also use salt or washing powder, both agents have the same effect: they remove the water from the flower and thus make it durable. This gentle drying also has the advantage that the beautiful colors of the rose are also retained.


Roses can also be dried by dipping them in hot, colorless wax. However, you should immediately cool the flower in ice water afterwards.