Can the harp bush keep cats away?

Can the harp bush keep cats away?

The effect is also directed against dogs or rabbits, but depends on the weather. Strong sunlight intensifies the scent of the essential oils, which is supposed to drive away unwelcome guests. Young bushes may not be sufficiently effective. Some animals appear completely unimpressed by the scent of the harp smoke, for many people it is not even noticeable. Nevertheless, allergy sufferers should be careful when handling the harp bush.

The essentials in brief:

  • Effect depends on the weather
  • Young plants do not yet develop enough fragrances
  • generally harmless to humans
  • Fragrance barely / not at all perceptible to humans
  • Beware of allergies
  • mostly not hardy


For a satisfactory effect, place the plants close enough, the distance should not be more than a meter.