Which location is the right one for fuchsias?

Which location is the right one for fuchsias?

Fuchsias prefer a light to partially shaded location

As in their natural habitat, fuchsias like it light to light-shaded, but not directly sunny. Really shady places are not very suitable either, where the plants will rarely develop their full bloom. Locations on the western or eastern side of the house (or on balconies facing west or east), but also towards the south - the latter, however, only if the plants are planted in the shade of woody plants or the like are well suited. In general, fuchsias are great for underplanting, provided it doesn't get too dark.

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Sun tolerant fuchsias

Although it is always said that one should not place fuchsias in full sun, some types and varieties of fuchsia are generally much less sensitive to sunny locations. As a rule of thumb, the lighter the colors of the flowers, the sunnier the location can be.

Properly care for fuchsias in sunny locations

However, fuchsias require particularly intensive care in sunny locations. This is because the relative insensitivity to the sun applies to the above-ground parts of the plant, but not to its roots. Fuchsias should neither dry out nor should their roots heat up. For this reason, fuchsias should be mulched in sunny places (this prevents both drying out and overheating) and kept evenly moist.


If you cultivate your fuchsias as a houseplant, place them in a light, but not sunny, location. Places directly above a heater should also be taboo due to the risk of overheating and drying out for the roots.