Schlumbergera truncata (Christmas cactus) - tips on care

Schlumbergera truncata (Christmas cactus) - tips on care

How do you water Schlumbergera truncata?

  • Water abundantly only in summer
  • Avoid waterlogging
  • Use water with little lime
  • Let the substrate dry off in between

From spring to autumn, water Schlumbergera truncata regularly as soon as the substrate on top has dried. But never leave water in the saucer or planter, as the Christmas cactus does not tolerate waterlogging.

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In winter the cactus is only watered very sparsely.

What should be considered when fertilizing?

Fertilizing Schlumbergera truncata is not absolutely necessary. After buying and repotting, do not fertilize the plant at all.

If it has been in the same soil for a long time, you can give it some liquid fertilizer every month from April to August. When using fertilizer for foliage plants, reduce the dose by half.

Can you prune Schlumbergera truncata?

Cutting is not necessary, but it doesn't hurt either. If the shoots get too long for you, shorten them in the spring when the cactus has faded.

Cut off shoots can be used for propagation.

When is the Christmas cactus repotted?

In spring you should check whether the previous pot is still big enough. If necessary, prepare a slightly larger planter with a drainage hole.

Shake off the old soil before repotting the Schlumbergera truncata in fresh substrate.

What diseases and pests are there?

If there is waterlogging, root rot occurs. Pests are very rare.

Falling flowers are due to drafts or frequent repositioning. If you keep the Schlumbergera truncata in a sheltered location, there is no risk of flowers being shed.

How does the care look in winter?

In winter Schlumbergera truncata needs a rest period so that it can develop flowers. Ideally, the temperatures are then between 10 and 15 degrees.

In winter the Schlumbergera is only sparingly watered and not fertilized.


Schlumbergera truncata is a cultivated form of the Christmas cactus, which is given the botanical name Schlumbergera. There are numerous species that do not differ in terms of care.