Planting a nectarine tree yourself - instructions

Planting a nectarine tree yourself - instructions

Which location is the right one for the nectarine tree?

Optimal site conditions as well as the right care promise good growth and a successful harvest. This includes a sunny, warm and sheltered location, a nutrient-rich, humus-rich and moist soil and a lime-poor, slightly acidic potting soil.

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Are there certain requirements for the nature of the soil?

Before you start planting the nectarine tree, you should optimally prepare the soil. Heavy soils are enriched and loosened with a mixture of sand and humus. What nectarine trees don't like is calcareous soils, which is why you should only use stale rainwater for watering.

How to plant a nectarine tree in open ground

Since the nectarine tree is comparatively insensitive, it can also be planted outdoors. Before planting or transplanting, the entire root system is shortened to around 30 centimeters. The tree is pre-watered and placed in water up to the root neck. The planting hole should be about 1.5 times deeper than the length of the root system.

What do I have to consider when planting a nectarine tree in a tub?

The nectarine tree can also be planted in a tub and placed on the terrace or balcony, under these conditions

  • The bucket should have a capacity of at least 30 liters.
  • Do not use a coaster to avoid waterlogging.
  • Cover the bottom of the bucket with potsherds or gravel and cover them with an air-permeable garden fleece.
  • The nectarine tree is positioned in the middle and buried.
  • After planting, you should water it well.
  • It makes sense to provide the tree with a support to give it sufficient support.

Growing a nectarine tree yourself - how does it work?

You need a lot of patience if you want to grow the nectarine tree yourself. It is important that you let the core of the nectarine dry out for a few weeks or even months. Then fill a 15 centimeter large clay pot with potting soil and put the core about six centimeters below the ground. The ideal germination temperature is 24 degrees Celsius. After about a month, the seedling will be visible.

Tips & Tricks

After planting, spread some mulch (€ 213.00 at Amazon *) on the ground. This keeps the moisture in the soil and prevents the roots from drying out.


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