Freeze pumpkin soup - cook once, enjoy often!

Freeze pumpkin soup - cook once, enjoy often!

Ready to prepare pumpkin soup?

If you cannot eat all of a freshly prepared pumpkin soup at once, the rest can easily be frozen for later. However, if a large amount of pumpkin has to be processed, it makes less sense to prepare the pumpkin soup to the last handle.

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Pumpkin soups are usually refined with other ingredients and spiced up with spices. This affects both the shelf life in the freezer and the taste and consistency of the thawed soup.

The effect of cream and spices

Added spices and cream shorten the shelf life in the freezer to around three months. When thawing, the pumpkin soup tastes less intense than when it is frozen. The power of the spices has decreased a little.

When thawing it can quickly happen that the added cream flakes when heated and the soup is no longer nice and creamy.

Only refine and season after defrosting

It would be ideal if the pumpkin soup was put in the freezer almost completely prepared and only got the final touch of taste after thawing. It is sufficient if the pumpkin is cooked and frozen and pureed.

Pumpkin as a soup base

  1. Clean the pumpkin under water or clean it with a damp cloth.
  2. Cut the pumpkin in half.
  3. Use a large spoon to remove the seeds and core.
  4. Cut the pumpkin into even smaller pieces and remove the peel with a sharp knife.
  5. Put the pumpkin pieces in a saucepan and cover them with water.
  6. Finish cooking the pumpkin in about 20 minutes.
  7. Pour off the leftover cooking water.
  8. Mash or mash the pumpkin to a fine purée.
  9. Allow the hot sauce to cool completely before pouring it into airtight freezer containers and freezing it.


Freeze pumpkin pulp in freezer bags, ideally sealed with a vacuum sealer. This allows the pumpkin to be stored flat and thaws faster after removal.


Fine pumpkin can be kept for four months in the freezer. If you refrain from pureeing the pumpkin pieces before freezing, this extends the shelf life to more than six months.


You can thaw the pumpkin as follows:

  • gently overnight in the refrigerator
  • over low heat in a saucepan with a little water

The pumpkin pieces take a little longer to thaw, which is why they shouldn't get too big in the chest.

Further processing

As soon as the pumpkin has completely thawed, the heat can be increased. Now you can add some water if necessary, but also cream, creme fraîche and the like. Just before serving, the pumpkin soup is seasoned with spices.

If the pumpkin was frozen in pieces, it must be pureed after thawing.

Conclusion for quick readers:

  • Suitability: Ready-made pumpkin soup can be frozen
  • Problem: short shelf life; Cream as an ingredient flakes; Taste intensity suffers
  • Recommendation: freeze pure pumpkin pulp; Process into soup after thawing
  • Preparation: cut the pumpkin in half; coring; Peel; cut into small pieces
  • Preparation: Cook the pumpkin pieces for 20 minutes; Pour off water; Puree
  • Freezing: After cooling, place in airtight freezer containers
  • Alternatively: freeze whole cooked pieces; Only puree after thawing
  • Shelf life: soup: 3 months; Mus: 4 months; Pieces: more than six months
  • Thawing: overnight in the refrigerator; with a little water in the saucepan
  • Further processing: heating; refine with other ingredients; Spice up

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