Coreing mirabelle plums - options and tips

Coreing mirabelle plums - options and tips

Stone mirabelle plums - a brief introduction to the usual variants

There are several methods of pitting mirabelle plums - the following are typical:

  • with a stoner
  • with a knife

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Core the mirabelle plums with a stoner

As with some other fruits, you can also try to remove the stones with a pitter for mirabelle plums. To do this, simply use a plum, plum or cherry pitter.

The pitting of mirabelle plums with such a device can be done quickly and easily - but unfortunately it can also be a terrible mess. Some types of mirabelle plum are very stubborn: their flesh is so tightly attached to the core that a lot of meat comes with it when the stone is pulled out. The consequences: an increasingly dirty work surface from the splashes of juice and a large loss of pulp. In addition, the pitting with the help of a pitter for “problem mirabels” is extremely laborious.


Sometimes the mirabelle plums do not come off the stone well because they are not yet fully ripe. Make sure that you only core those fruits that are fully ripe.

Stone the mirabelle plums with a knife

Most hobby gardeners pit their mirabelle plums with a sharp knife. An additional step is required with this variant, but generally the work can be carried out without unsightly mess.

Follow our short step-by-step guide:

  1. Wash the mirabelle plums thoroughly and dry them off.
  2. Cut the fruit in half with a sharp knife - without damaging the core. So basically cut around the stone. After a few tries, it will certainly work like clockwork.
  3. Take the stone out of each halved mirabelle plum by hand. You may need to use a little force here. Be careful not to waste too much pulp, as it contains valuable substances.

Alternative solution: off through the "Flotte Lotte"

If you are dealing with mirabelle plums that do not want to be pitted sensibly, you can use an alternative variant: Put the washed fruits in the “Flotte Lotte”, a powerful meat mill that presses the pulp into puree and in the process which sifts out the kernels. You can then only use the mirabelle plums as a liquid ingredient, but you save a lot of effort and effort.

Note: Before passing through the “Flotten Lotte”, it is advisable to briefly (!) Boil the mirabelle plums with a little water. Then pour the juice (the "Mirabelle water") into a separate vessel. It should not be put in the mill, otherwise you will only get liters of thin liquid instead of puree.


For example, you can use mirabelle jam to create delicious jam or conjure up a special smoothie creation.

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