Preserve marjoram by drying

Preserve marjoram by drying

Harvest marjoram in the morning

  • Harvest in the morning
  • Cut whole stems
  • Avoid washing if possible
  • Do not chop the marjoram
  • Process immediately

In the morning, the leaves of marjoram contain most of the essential oils. It is therefore advisable to harvest the stems before noon. Longer stems make it easier to tie and dry the herbs.

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It is best if it rained the day before. Then the leaves are already freshly washed when you want to use them. If possible, avoid washing the marjoram again. The drying time is extended and there is an increased risk of mold.

Dry airy but not too hot

Tie the marjoram in small bundles with a maximum of ten stems. Hang the bundles upside down in an airy, warm room or outside in the shade.

Direct sunlight is not ideal as the marjoram will then fade. In addition, many aromatic substances are lost when temperatures rise above 42 degrees.

The marjoram must not be moved during the drying process, as this will volatilize the essential oils.

When is marjoram dried?

It takes eight to 14 days for the marjoram to dry, depending on the location, moisture and thickness of the stems.

The leaves can be easily rubbed off the stem with your fingers. They can be kept in a dark glass for a maximum of one year.

Preserve in the oven or automatic dehydrator

If you don't have a suitable room, you can dry marjoram in the oven or even better in the dehydrator. Again, you shouldn't cut the herbs into small pieces.

Set the oven or dehydrator as low as possible. Under no circumstances should temperatures exceed 40 degrees.

Tips & Tricks

Why not make marjoram oil if you have planted too many herbs in the garden. Just put one or more twigs in a bottle with olive oil. After a few weeks you will receive a spicy herbal oil that you can use in many ways in the kitchen.

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