Cut amaryllis leaves at the right time - this is how it works

Cut amaryllis leaves at the right time - this is how it works

Leave green leaves undisturbed

As long as the leaves on the knight's star are lush green, they will be spared from the scissors. At the end of the flowering period, all you need to do is cut off the withered flowers from the main stem. Do not remove the hollow inflorescence stem itself until it has yellowed and dried up. The leaves remain unaffected by these pruning measures.

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Until the beginning of autumn dormancy, it is up to the leaves to supply the bud inside the bulb with nutrients. In the course of the summer, the knight star goes through its growth cycle, so that the care program continues uninterrupted until August, supplemented with 14-day fertilizers.

Cutting off the leaves does not stimulate flowering

Sometimes a knight's star just sprouts long leaves and consistently refuses to bloom. In this way, an amaryllis signals a lack of light. Instead of cutting off the vital foliage, moving to a sunny location solves the problem.

At this point, amaryllis leaves must give way

When summer draws to a close, a knight star wants to rest for 6 to 8 weeks. A Hippeastrum signals this desire by gradually drawing in the nutrients from the foliage. Now is the time to cut back the leaves. How to do it right:

  • From June / July gradually reduce the amount of irrigation water
  • From August onwards, stop watering and fertilizing an amaryllis
  • In September / October do not cut off the leaves until they have completely withered

Please carry out all cutting work on the knight's star with protective gloves. The entire plant is permeated by highly toxic alkaloids, which can lead to fatal health problems if they come into contact with the skin. Do not dispose of the clippings on the compost or in other places within reach of pets. If your darlings nibble on it, the consequences are fatal.


Do not store amaryllis bulbs in the cellar near apples, pears or other climacteric fruits. These release the ripening gas ethylene into the room air, which encourages a knight star to sprout prematurely long before the regeneration phase is complete.