Fake strawberry - enchantingly beautiful - also edible?

Fake strawberry - enchantingly beautiful - also edible?

Not very tempting digestibility

Mock strawberries and strawberries both come from the rose family. Although both plants produce edible fruit, the degree of their edibility varies widely. The pseudo-strawberry does not come close to the tempting enjoyment of juicy, sweet cultivated strawberries. It cannot hold a candle to even the small wild strawberries. After all, it is not poisonous and therefore edible, even if it has a very bitter taste.

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Optics top taste

The flaw in its not very appetizing aroma compensates for the false strawberry with seductive attributes that are pleasing to the eye. For this reason, gardeners introduced the Indian mock strawberry to Europe from Southeast Asia more than 200 years ago. Since the ornamental plant knows how to spread through runners, it can often be found in the wild. These characteristics explain the high degree of popularity of an Indian mock strawberry in the ornamental garden:

  • dainty leaflets in a pretty arrangement of rosettes
  • golden yellow flowers from May to October
  • delicate scent attracts butterflies and bumblebees
  • decorative, bright red fruits in summer and autumn

Since the strawberry thrives in almost any soil, it adorns even problematic locations with everlasting blossoms. Under trees, it serves as a tasteful ground cover or gives the dreary inner courtyard a fairytale character. Its strong foliage can withstand the frosty temperatures well into winter. Here the glittering dew drops in the morning drive away the wintry melancholy. Who cares about the bitter taste of a strawberry?

Tips & Tricks

The pseudo strawberry is immediately exposed as such by a special attribute. Their fruits always point towards the sky, while wild strawberries and garden strawberries hang down.