Help, my hydrangea is dying! What can I do?

Help, my hydrangea is dying! What can I do?

The hydrangea sprouts briefly and then wilts

Even though the hydrangea is very thirsty, like many other plants it is very sensitive to waterlogging. This often occurs because the substrate in the pot is not permeable enough and the water accumulates in the ball of the pot after watering.

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Carefully pot the hydrangea and remove the soil. A healthy root looks fresh because it is in full juice, is relatively light-colored and has white ends. On the other hand, if the roots are brown and mushy to the touch, they are rotten and can no longer feed the plant.

Carefully remove the dead roots without damaging the still healthy roots. Put the hydrangea in special raw dodendron soil and make sure that the pot has a sufficiently large drainage hole. Cover this with a pottery shard so that the substrate does not clog it.

Pour properly

Only water the hydrangea when the top inches of the substrate are dry to the touch and pour away excess water after fifteen minutes.

Flowers and leaves wither

The most common cause of the brown color of the leaves and flowers is frost damage or sunburn.


Remove the brown leaves and carefully break out the withered flowers. If frost damage is the cause of the withering, please note our tips for winter protection in the future. If too strong and sudden solar radiation is the cause, you should first put the hydrangea in the shade and slowly get used to the changed conditions in the field.

The hydrangea sags and wilts the flowers

Hydrangeas that suddenly wilt suffer from a lack of water in many cases. If the hydrangea is in the sun for several hours a day, it develops a thirst that should not be underestimated, as it evaporates a lot of water over the large leaf surface.


On warm days, fill the hydrangea whenever the soil feels dry. You can immerse hydrangeas in the pot with the planter in water until no more air bubbles rise.

Tips & Tricks

If there are no care errors, the vine weevil larvae or other pests could be responsible for taking care of the plant. Fungal diseases also occasionally occur in the hydrangea.