Hardy and long-lasting: sunflower perennials

Hardy and long-lasting: sunflower perennials

Smaller flowers and not quite as tall

While annual sunflowers can reach more than four meters with good care, perennials stay a little smaller.

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The flowers are nowhere near that big. In particular, the tubular flowers in the middle, in which the nuclei develop, is usually quite small. Often a lot of flowers grow on one plant.

Most sunflower perennials are hardy

Perennial sunflowers grow in any garden soil that is not too compact. Just like their annual relatives, they do particularly well in a sunny spot.

The perennials are mostly hardy. However, it makes sense to spread a mulch of leaves over the cut plants in autumn.

Some varieties that are not hardy need to be digged up in autumn and overwintered in a frost-free place.

Propagation via runners and by division

Perennial sunflowers also reproduce via seeds, but propagation works better by dividing the perennials or cutting off runners.

The roots of the perennials form many runners, which sometimes even grow several meters away from the mother plant.

If you want to prevent the uncontrolled spread of perennial sunflowers, you should create a root barrier before you plant them.

Well-known perennial sunflowers at a glance

SurnameBotanical namecolourheightHeydayparticularities
Perennial SunflowerHelianthus atrorubensYellow, brown eyeup to 180 cmAugust to SeptemberInsect pasture
meteorHelianthus decapetalusGolden yellow, yellow eyeup to 170 cmAugust to Octobersemi-double flower
Soleil d'orHelianthus decapetalus SupremeLemon yellow, golden yellow eyeup to 170 cmAugust to Octoberdouble flower
Sheila's SunshineHelianthus giganteusLight cream yellow, dark yellow eyeup to 300 cmSeptember to Novemberlate variety
Lemon QueenHelianthus microcephalus hybridLemon yellow, yellow-brownish eyeup to 170 cmAugust to Septemberabundant flowering
Jerusalem artichokeHelianthus tuberosusYellow, brown eyeup to 250 cmSeptember to Novemberedible tubers

Tips & Tricks

Jerusalem artichoke is valued as a winter vegetable because of its potato-like tubers. This sunflower perennial is indestructible and spreads rapidly throughout the garden.