Flower bed design with stones

Flower bed design with stones

Stones for the garden bed

There are many different types of rock as well as different sizes, shapes and colors. In this article we want to provide you with ideas for the use of the following types of stone in the garden bed:

  • Field stones or rubble stones of different sizes,
  • Bricks
  • and pebbles or grit. (€ 12.80 at Amazon *)

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Field stones or rubble stones for the garden bed

With a little luck, you can find field stones or rubble stones at the roadside, in the field or in the forest. Farmers will even be happy when you remove the annoying large stones from their fields. But beware! Do not steal stones from someone that they want to have themselves! If in doubt, ask. Bringing stones is also generally not allowed in the forest. Inquire about the applicable regulations.

Field stones and rubble stones can be used in a variety of ways in the bed:

  • Large field or quarry stones can be placed in the garden bed as decorative elements and planted with ground cover or succulents.
  • If you have a lot of field stones or rubble stones to hand, you can use them to create a small natural stone wall and plant it or use it as a border for a raised bed or a herb snail.
  • Is your garden not level? Secure embankments with the natural stones!
  • Smaller field stones can act as a border for your garden beds.


Old bricks are ideal for small walls, flower beds or for creating paths. They are not as natural as field or quarry stones, but their beautiful red color brings a good atmosphere to the garden.

Pebbles or chippings

Pebbles and grit are often used to create paths but also to cover beds. They look modern and noble and prevent weed growth. You can create beautiful patterns in the garden bed with two different shades of gravel or grit. For example, white and gray is a very nice combination. Add to that easy-care grass and a few trees and you have a modern rock garden.


Lay out shapes or paths with your stones. If you have a larger budget, you can create a water course with stones in the garden bed.