Pull cucumbers yourself - this is the best way to do it

Pull cucumbers yourself - this is the best way to do it

Prepare cucumber seeds to pull yourself

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When choosing seeds from specialist gardeners, give preference to powdery mildew-resistant F1 hybrid varieties. If you want to prefer cucumbers yourself, you should know the typical characteristics of the plants. In the case of supermarket cucumbers, make sure that the seeds come from a fully ripe cucumber.

Divide the cucumber and scrape out the seeds with a spoon. Leave the seeds with the germ-inhibiting gelatinous mass in a vessel with warm water at room temperature for 1 day. 24 hours later, the seeds have loosened from their shell and settled. The gelatinous mass and non-germinable seeds float above. Dry the germinable seeds and store them in the dark. At the end of March you can prepare the stored kernels for growing.

Pull cucumbers yourself - everything you need to do it

A window sill on the south side is an ideal location for pulling out cucumbers, or the seeds are supported with plant light during the germination period. In addition to patience, you need to pull cucumbers yourself:

  • Seeds from cucumbers or from specialist gardeners
  • Mini greenhouse (€ 6.96 at Amazon *) or foil
  • Peat or egg carton
  • Seed substrate or potting soil
  • Sowing soil
  • Climbing aid
  • fertilizer

From seed to seedling in just a few steps

  • Soak dried cucumber seeds for 1 day
  • Put 2 seeds per cup about 1 centimeter deep in moist soil, cover and press lightly.
  • Place the pots in the mini greenhouse or under foil on a fixed bench.

Important: Ventilate daily to prevent mold growth. The first seedlings will sprout after 1 to 2 weeks at a uniformly moist and warm temperature of 20 ° degrees.

From seedling to cucumber

Prick out the young plants from a height of 10 centimeters. The plants are protected from wind and weather under glass. This will make the cucumber plants bloom faster. The first cucumbers are harvested in the greenhouse in July. Free-range cucumbers in the garden can be harvested from August to the end of October.

Tips & Tricks

Those who garden after the moon use the increasing moon phase in March until the full moon. Because this time should be devoted to fruit plants such as cucumbers or peppers, which develop above ground, during the germination period.