When to sow the lawn - All information on timing and sowing

When to sow the lawn - All information on timing and sowing

The best time to plant a new lawn

Twice a year there is a practical opportunity to create a new lawn by sowing it. In order to give the sensitive seeds the best starting conditions, these two dates are possible:

  • When in spring the ground has warmed up to 10 degrees Celsius
  • This is usually the case in late April / early May
  • The second time window opens from mid-September to October

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During the sweltering summer heat, you should refrain from sowing a lawn. High temperatures in combination with dry soil make life difficult for delicate seedlings.

When is lawn sown after scarifying?

Scarifying plays an important role in exemplary lawn care in spring or autumn. This is usually followed by a battered lawn. Sowing lawn seeds makes an effective contribution to ensuring that the green develops into a dense carpet again as quickly as possible. How to do it:

  • Immediately after scarifying, sow fresh lawn seeds widely
  • Ideally, use a spreader to distribute it lengthways and crossways
  • Sieve the seeds over a maximum of 0.5 centimeters with sand or vermiculite, roll them and water

Don't let time pass between combing out moss and weeds before the seeds are sown. Otherwise, unwanted growth will spread where new lawn is supposed to thrive.

Which date is suitable for reseeding?

If the lawn presents itself with bare spots or is sparse overall, reseeding at the right time can remedy the deficiency. Instead of a completely new system, this type of repair is much easier to do by hand. Again, you have two opportunities per season to give your lawn a new look. How to be successful:

  • From April to June, stressed lawns absorb the seeds particularly well
  • The soil should be thawed to a depth of 15 centimeters and there should be no more frosts to worry about
  • Alternatively, lawn seeds germinate and thrive in sun-warm soil from September to early October

If you reseed in the spring, give the seeds a sufficiently long period of growth and root formation. If you decide on an appointment in early autumn, the natural rainfall ensures the important irrigation.

Tips & Tricks

The soil quality for lawn seeds is optimized by adding vital lime or rock flour (€ 14.95 at Amazon *) as part of the preparatory work. Prudent hobby gardeners test the pH value of the future lawn area in advance. If this falls well below the ideal result of 6-7, the soil is too acidic for lush lawn growth. A well-dosed dose of lawn lime can remedy this in no time.