Fundamental tasks - the foundation for the greenhouse

Fundamental tasks - the foundation for the greenhouse

As a supporting substructure, the foundation of a greenhouse should ensure stability under all conceivable weather conditions. All static forces, such as dead load and roof load, wind pressure and its suction, must be able to be absorbed by the foundation and, moreover, it must not sink into the ground or lift off itself if it is a lightweight construction. Not to forget the protective function against heat loss in the direction of the ground, which is particularly important for the planting used.

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Does every greenhouse need a substructure?

In the case of small foil houses, which are usually built in lightweight construction, you will be able to do without a foundation in the traditional construction method. In such greenhouses, the load-bearing pipe or wooden structures only need to be attached to the ground with stable ground anchors in order to ensure secure stability. Often in these buildings, as an addition to the actual supporting structure, a stable wooden frame is mounted above the ground, which holds the corner pillars and minimizes the floor load in the area.

Foundation as a substructure for massive greenhouses

In the case of industrially prefabricated greenhouses, the set includes a prefabricated metal or wooden frame that takes on the load-bearing function of a foundation. In the interest of the highest possible level of safety and statics, the instructions must be followed during assembly on site. If you build a large greenhouse yourself and build it with massive roof and frame elements, you can easily build your own foundation using the following construction methods:

  • Wooden beam foundation;
  • Aluminum or metal pipe foundation frames with impregnated ground anchors;
  • massive concrete slab over the entire floor area;
  • Concrete strip foundation;
  • poured point foundation at the corners made of precast concrete;

Factors in choosing the foundation from the greenhouse

The later planned use and of course the weight and size of the building to be constructed are essential criteria when deciding on the type of foundation and its dimensions. For larger greenhouses (€ 34.95 at Amazon *) it may also be necessary to obtain a building permit , which in turn requires the preparation of a technical construction drawing. And in other ways, too, when building foundations for the greenhouse, there are some important rules that must be followed before work begins:

  • Carry out the work accurately and with care in the interest of the later stability of the building.
  • The foundations must be aligned at right angles to each other on all sides.
  • The foundation surface should be horizontal and free of unevenness at all points if possible.


If a water connection is to be used for watering plants, lay it frost-free and ideally below the foundation on the greenhouse. The installation of a drain cock for the frost-proof laid pipes must also be considered.