Plant houseleek on stone - that's how it works

Plant houseleek on stone - that's how it works

Benefits of planting on stone

Planting on stone has many advantages, not only for the eye, but also for the plants themselves. Like all succulents, houseleek is very sensitive to moisture and should therefore be as dry as possible. A rock garden or planting on stone ensures that excess water is drained off well, as the material cannot store moisture. In return, the larger stones store heat, which they also give off directly to their surroundings. The warmth-loving houseleeks will therefore feel particularly comfortable in such a location.

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Before Planting: Important Preparatory Measures

Before the actual planting, it is of course first necessary to make appropriate preparations. In addition to the selection of the planter and the decorative elements, this also includes the right substrate. Which planter you choose depends entirely on your ideas, here are some ideas:

  • Plant houseleek on a large stone as a base
  • Plant houseleek between several large stones
  • Plant houseleek in the stone bed

No matter which idea you choose: You will always have to use sufficient substrate, because even the undemanding houseleek cannot do without soil. So if you want to place the plants on a large stone or between several stones, enough soil must fit either on the stone or in the cracks between the stone so that the plants can take root there.

Plant houseleek on stone

A typical rock garden is quite easy to create:

  • Choose a suitable planter (e.g. made of clay or another winter-proof material).
  • If possible, you should drill at least one drainage hole into it for drainage.
  • Loose pottery shards come through this hole to cover it.
  • Now fill in expanded clay (€ 17.50 on Amazon *) or similar as the bottom layer.
  • The substrate suitable for house lice is then added.
  • Now plant the succulents in the soil
  • and drape the stones around the plants.
  • Pebbles, for example, are very suitable.


Mix a little horn shavings (€ 6.39 at Amazon *) or compost into the potting soil, but actually very little!

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