Marguerites: types and their characteristics

Marguerites: types and their characteristics

More than 40 species - characteristics that they all have in common

There are more than 40 species, most of which are native to European regions. They all belong to the daisy family. Naturally, they have flowers consisting of white ray florets and yellow tubular florets. Only some cultivars can also have ray florets of different colors. Another characteristic that unites all species is that they all have stalked basal and stem leaves.

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Marguerites, which are popular as garden plants

Are you looking for a suitable type of daisy to freshen up your garden? The following species are considered popular and have proven themselves over the years among gardeners in Central Europe:

  • Mountain Marguerite
  • Black-rim marguerite
  • Steineralpen marguerite
  • Robinson Pink Marguerite
  • different-leaved marguerite
  • Haller Marguerite
  • Shrub daisies
  • Fettwiesen daisy
  • Rough meadow marguerite

The fat and the poor meadow daisies

These two types of daisies are most likely to be found in wild meadows in this country. The meadow marguerite is branched and has several flower heads per stem. It loves nutrient-rich soils and prefers to grow in meadows, fields and pastures. It is also known as the meadow herbaceous flower.

In contrast, there is the Fettwiesen daisy, which is also native to Europe. It has unbranched stems and comparatively large flower heads. Their flowering period begins in May and lasts until October. Their height is between 50 and 100 cm and their foliage is dense.

The shrub marguerite

The shrub marguerite is a rather unusual example of a daisy. Unlike the other species, which are short-lived and herbaceous, this species is long-lived and evergreen. Their growth is very different from that of other species.

The shrub marguerite is even available as a tall trunk with a height of up to 150 cm. The shrub marguerite is suitable for both tub and outdoor cultivation. They bloom from May to October.


Not all daisies are sufficiently hardy. Before buying, consider whether you can overwinter a frost-sensitive daisy!