Plant stones with hardy ground cover, perennials and woody plants

Plant stones with hardy ground cover, perennials and woody plants

Winter hardy lavender

Lavender is particularly popular for planting plant stones. Even if it originally comes from the Mediterranean region, there are now various types of lavender that are hardy even in our latitudes. The sun-hungry lavender smells pleasant, blooms long and strong purple and attracts numerous insects - the best option for plant rings in a sunny location.

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Hardy cushion plants for plant stones

Cushion plants, also known as carpet plants or ground cover, form a beautiful, dense carpet and thus cover the entire soil of the plant stones. Not only does it look very attractive, it also gives other plants no chance. In addition, cushion plants tend to grow over the edge and thus also green the vertical part of the plant rings. Here is a list of hardy, flowering ground covers:

SurnameFlower colorHeydayEvergreen
Andean cushionyellowMay to JuneNo
Balkan strawbillSoft pinkMay to JulyYes
Blue evergreenBluish purpleMay to SeptemberYes
Lead rootBluish purpleAugust to OctoberNo
Star mossWhiteMay to JulyYes
thymeDepending on the varietyJune to SeptemberYes
Carpet dogwoodWhiteMay to JuneNo

Hardy perennials for the plant stones

Individual, tall shrubs with little foliage, such as lilies or ornamental onions, are not particularly suitable for plant stones. This type of plant looks lost and out of place in plant stones. Therefore, opt for low-growing, hardy perennials with lush foliage, such as:

SurnameFlower colorHeydayEvergreen
Caucasus forget-me-notsblueApril to June / JulyNo
CinquefoilyellowDepending on the variety, mostly April to JuneNo
Lady's mantleYellow-greenMay to AugustNo
KnotweedpinkJune to JulyNo
CranesbillPink to bluish purpleMay to SeptemberNo

Plant plant stones with hardy trees

Small trees and shrubs are ideal for plant stones - and they are almost always hardy and often also evergreen, such as the evergreen common heather, which even blooms in pink, purple or white until late autumn. The box tree or dwarf varieties of conifers are also suitable for planting plant rings.


Combine hardy woody plants with ground cover and flowering perennials and get a beautiful wall of plant stones made of partly evergreen plants.